Taynton Metal Detecting Club


This is a selection of some of the gold coins and artefacts our members have recovered.

(Links are to the PAS record where known.)

Mourning ring Bronze Age bead  
Anne Half Guinea Signet ring  
Edward 111 Half Noble    
Gold Pendant Bronze Age Bead  
Edward 111 Quarter Noble George 111 Sovereign  
Edward 111 Quarter Noble George 111 Third Guinea  
George 111 Quarter Guinea Pendant  
George 111 Half Guinea Gold Stater  
George 111 ?Guinea Keeper ring  
Thrymsa Fede ring  
Tudor pin Posy ring  
Posy ring Signet ring  
Tremissis Gold Portuguese 4000 reis coin of King John V. 1717  
George 111 Guinea Henry VIII Angel  
William and Mary Guinea Sweetheart brooch  
Gold Signet ring c 16th-17th century    
GeorgeIV guinea 1829    
Edward111 Quarter Nobel  1334 -1351    
Hartpury - LesH